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Which winter damage should you focus on adding to your home insurance?

Ready for the winter? What about the hazards that come with the season? Many people across Atlanta, GA, tend to ignore the simple actions and steps that could help save thousands of dollars, including lives in the event of a winter accident. At Rob Hill Insurance Group, we advise against relying on home insurance alone but take steps to prevent winter accidents in your home. So, what dangers should you focus on?

Fire damage

Fire damage can happen anytime, whether it is winter or summer. However, fire hazards have been reported to be more common during winter months, when there is a lot of heating. Space heaters, fireplaces, poor wiring, and even HVAC systems can lead to fire accidents in a home.

Roof damage from wind

Some roofs are better at handling snow than others. The type of roof you have on your house determines whether it will hold the amount of snow that will accumulate during the season or not. If you suspect that your roof may not hold much, arrange for a roofing replacement as early as possible. Don’t climb up the roof to remove ice; this can be dangerous. Instead, rake the ice when standing on an even ground.

Water damage

While home insurance covers damages caused by heavy snow, it is quite essential to keep snow away from home as much as possible. Remember, when the snow melts, the water will run to your home.

Frozen pipes

Make sure your pipes do not hold any ice. Insulate the interior pipes thoroughly to prevent potential damages. Frozen water pipes can burst due to water pressure build-up that results from the ice blockage.

Aside from slipping on ice, power breakdowns, and burglaries, it would help if you also worried about flooding as a result of over melting snow. Home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. So, make sure you buy separate flood insurance.

For more information on preparing for winter, contact Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.