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What can nullify a life insurance policy

You purchase life insurance to give your loved ones financial security if you are no longer here to provide support. You expect that policy to be in effect if your loved ones should ever need it. In most cases, it will offer the needed protection, but some things can nullify a life insurance policy, and the company will refuse to pay the death benefit. At Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA, we make sure that our customers understand life insurance and the things that can nullify their policy. 

You die during the contestability period.

If you die within one or two years of taking out an insurance policy, the insurance company has the right to investigate the statements you made on your insurance application. You can be quite sure they will take advantage of that right. It can take them quite a while to pay if they do pay. In the state of Georgia, the contestability period is two years. 

You failed to reveal relevant information.

If there is an error on your application, it can result in your policy being nullified. This has to be something relevant, not just a wrong address or an incorrect date. If you know that you have been treated for a disease that might keep you from getting the policy or being charged more and don’t disclose it, this is enough to give the insurance company a reason to refuse to pay. Lying on an insurance application is not acceptable. 

Failure to pay

The most common reason that insurance policies are nullified is that the premiums are not paid.  Most policies have a grace period, but after that, you could lose your policy. 

Life insurance is a vital coverage most people need. Don’t take any chances with your loved one’s security. Call Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA with any questions about your life insurance coverage.