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Why You Need Auto Insurance

While auto insurance is mandatory in Georgia, is that the only reason you invest in car insurance? The answer is no.  When you buy auto insurance from Rob Hill Insurance Group, it protects you in many ways. Want to find out?  Here are the reasons you need auto insurance in Atlanta, GA and its environs.

Liability protection

You might be careful on the road, but accidents do happen. And when you are liable for accidents, you could face bodily injury and property damage costs. Without car insurance, you will have fork out these expenses from your pocket. Worse yet, if lawsuits come knocking, they can quickly wipe out your hard-earned assets.

Asset protection

Every time you think about driving without car insurance, think about your car. Can you afford its repairs or replacement from your pocket? Is it worth risking car insurance, yet it can repair your car when accidents occur?

Whether your car is old or new, it’s valuable to you. As such, it makes money to protect it with car insurance when the unthinkable happens.

Medical payments

When auto accidents strike, it’s not uncommon to suffer injuries that cost thousands of dollars to treat. Without a health insurance plan, you will have to cover these expenses from your pocket.   Thankfully, auto insurance can cover medical expenses following a car accident.

And unlike your health insurance plan, PIP or Medpay has broader coverage. For instance, it covers partial loss of income and funeral expenses- things that aren’t covered by a typical health insurance plan. Besides, auto insurance covers injuries for you and your drivers, regardless of who was at fault.

Buy auto insurance today!

If you have been having second thoughts about car insurance, you can see the benefits you are missing out on. The good news is that you can purchase car insurance today from Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving Atlanta, GA, and its environs.