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What Kinds of Possessions Are Covered Under Your Home Insurance Policy?

When it comes to personal possessions, the insurance question can be a confusing one. You likely know of people who individually insure their engagement ring or a piece of artwork. But should they need to do this if they have a home insurance policy? We’ll look at the types of possessions covered in Atlanta, GA, and what you can do to make sure that you have the best policy for you. 

The Coverage Depends on Your Policy 

Every policy is different, based on everything from the state you live into the carrier you choose. This is why it’s so important never to make assumptions about your terms. If you finance your home, you’re required to cover the structure and grounds, but not your personal possessions. So if you set your policy up a decade ago and haven’t made any changes since, it’s possible you don’t have any coverage at all. 

Different Schools of Thought 

If you do have possession coverage, the major items are usually covered. This includes anything from your furniture to your electronics and clothes. However, the actual reimbursement will be different depending on who you choose to partner with. For example, you might only have a fraction of the original value covered. You also will have limits imposed on the total amount covered. This means that if you’ve recently made a big purchase, you may need to update your coverage terms. 

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