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Protecting your home while you are away

Sometimes you just need to be away from home. Whether for work or for pleasure, it doesn’t matter. While you are away, your home will be alone and that is never a good thing. At Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA we count on word of mouth to get new customers and by giving our customers exceptional personalized service, we know that they will tell their friends and family about us. 

Protecting your home while you are away

Get a house sitter

The best thing to do when you are going to be away is to have a house sitter. That isn’t always possible, but if you can find someone, it’s a great way to keep your home safe. 

Leave a car in your driveway

When a car is in your driveway, it gives the impression that someone is at home. Sometimes that alone will be enough to discourage anyone who might be considering breaking into your home. 

Have lights on timers

Buy several timers and set lamps to go on and off in different rooms of your home. This makes it seem as if someone is at the home. 

Stop your mail

You can go right onto the United States Post Office website and request that your mail be held. Always do it at least one day in advance to make sure they actually stop it. 

Don’t announce your plans on social media

Don’t talk about being away on social media. You never know who might see the information and what they might do with it. 

Set your alarm

The last thing to do before you leave is to arm your alarm. It might seem obvious but in the chaos of departure, it can be forgotten. 

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