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Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

At Rob Hill Insurance Group, many of our finest Atlanta, GA clients have heavily debated the nature of term life and whole life insurance policies. We understand this confusion and can help explain the different options that may be necessary to consider in this situation. 

Term Life Insurance: A More Limited Option 

Your term life insurance policy is more limited in the sense that it does not last as long as whole-life insurance. In other words, your policy is usually set for a term of 10-30 years, depending on your policy. Why would anyone want a policy that didn’t last their whole life? 

Typically, term life is a good option for people who are already reaching the end of their life. And it is also a strong choice for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on a policy. A good term life policy still offers high-quality compensation, making it an excellent choice for many.

Whole Life Insurance: A More Comprehensive Choice

By contrast, full life insurance is designed to last your entire life. As a result, you can expect this type of policy never to lapse, as long as you continually make your policy payments. The downsides do include a higher level of cost and some difficulties getting this type of coverage. 

Often, whole life insurance is something designed for younger people or those in better health. People with weaker bodies may find it harder to find this type of coverage. That said, it may also be available in some scenarios, so it is worth considering even if you’re aging towards your senior years. 

Don’t Neglect Your Insurance Needs

Which type of life insurance seems more suitable to your needs? If you still aren’t sure, it might be time to reach out to us at Rob Hill Insurance Group to learn more about your Atlanta, GA options. We work closely with all our customers to help improve their chances of satisfaction.