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Strange Things Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance

Do you know what your homeowner’s policy covers? You probably know it covers the structure of your home and your personal property, but there are things you may not realize are covered. It is important to work with an agency you can trust. We offer homeowner’s insurance at Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA. 

Objects Falling From the Sky

A meteor hitting your home is probably low on your list of concerns, but it is possible. Your homeowner’s policy covers objects falling from the sky, including meteors, satellite debris, and even airplanes. 

If a falling object damages your home, your policy will cover the repairs. 

Spoiled Food 

If your fridge loses power, the food inside will need to be tossed. You may not realize how quickly these groceries add up until you need to replace the items at the same time. 

The good news is that if you need to restock your fridge, your homeowner’s policy will cover the cost of these groceries. 

Injuries On Your Property

If someone who doesn’t live in your home is injured on your property, you are liable for the medical expenses. You may also be responsible for lost wages. 

Your homeowner’s insurance will cover this liability. Your legal fees may be covered as well. 

New Doors and Door Locks 

If someone breaks into your home, you may be aware that your insurance will cover damaged or stolen items. However, you may not know that this extends to your doors. If your door locks are compromised, your policy will cover replacing them. This helps you keep your home secure. 

Homeowner’s Insurance With Rob Hill Insurance Group

If you need homeowner’s insurance in Atlanta, GA, contact Rob Hill Insurance Group. Our experienced agents are here to discuss your needs and help you choose the best policy for your situation. 

Things home insurance won’t cover

Home Insurance for Peaceful Living

Owning a home in Atlanta, GA, can be stress-free when a well-planned home insurance policy protects you. At the Rob Hill Insurance Group, we dedicate ourselves to guiding our clients in understanding what their home insurance covers and things outside its purview.

What’s Not Covered By Home Insurance?

Wear and Tear

It’s an inevitable fact that things depreciate over time. Your home appliances, house paint, and HVAC systems will not stay in their prime forever. When they eventually fail, home insurance won’t cover the replacement costs.

Owner Neglect

As homeowners, we hold a responsibility for house maintenance. Excluding a genuine crisis, your insurance will not cover damage due to sidestepping routine maintenance (like termite control for termite-prone areas or roof cameras).

Earth Movement

Earthquake, landslide, mudslide, or sinkhole – if the earth moves underneath your home causing damage, this is not typically covered.


Damage from flood water that enters your home isn’t covered. You can purchase flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) to protect your home from floods.

Expensive Art or Jewelry

Limitations apply to the amount of home insurance coverage for high-value items like artistic works or precious jewelry. To provide them adequate protection, include them under a separate rider.

Make the Right Choice with Rob Hill Insurance Group

When picking the appropriate home insurance coverage, let our experts at Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA, guide you. You’ll secure a strong peace of mind with us, knowing a well-structured policy protects your home.

Four types of coverage that your home insurance policy should include

Consumers who own a home in Atlanta, GA can rely on Rob Hill Insurance Group for insurance coverage. It’s important that your home insurance policy includes all the types of coverage you need to protect your investment in your property.

Here are four types of coverage that your home insurance policy should include:

Liability coverage

Homeowners sometimes underestimate the importance of liability coverage because they assume they’ll never face expenses from liability issues on their property. This can be a big mistake.

Purchasing adequate liability coverage is essential for protecting your assets when lawsuits result from property ownership. 

Personal property coverage

It would be best if you also didn’t overlook the value of personal property in your home and the importance of getting it covered. Make sure that your home insurance policy fully insures the value of your personal property. 

Outbuilding coverage

Some homeowners have outbuildings like detached garages and sheds on their property. You might need to add outbuilding coverage to your policy if you have outbuildings.

Home insurance policyholders can’t assume their policy covers their outbuildings without reading the fine print. A lot of home insurance providers only insure the home itself on a basic home insurance policy, so outbuilding coverage needs to be added. 

Additional living expense coverage

If your home is damaged in an event such as a fire, you might be unable to live there until repairs are completed. In this case, you need to be able to rely on your home insurance to pay for additional living expenses. 

Additional living expense coverage will pay the costs of getting alternative housing in a hotel after your property has been damaged. 

Do you need a home insurance policy quote for your Atlanta, GA property? Call us today at Rob Hill Insurance Group for a policy quote. 

A Short Guide to Keypad Locks for your Home

A keypad lock offers both modern and convenient home security enhancements. Our team of experts at Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA offers this short guidance with regard to these modern home security options:

Keypad Locks Benefits

A digital keypad lock means you no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of fumbling for keys or worrying about lost keys. It also provides these benefits:

Enhanced Security

Keypad locks can be more difficult to pick when compared to more traditional lock options.  

Temporary Access

Certain keypad models allow temporary codes that can be given to service people or guests.


Some models have the capacity to integrate with an existing smart home system, so you can use it to monitor and lock/unlock remotely by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Choosing the Right Keypad Lock

It is important to select a keypad lock that is easy to use, has a built-in alarm, and is tamper-resistant. In addition, consider the following:


Select an outdoor model if installed for outdoor purposes.  

Battery Life

The keypad should preferably have a long-lasting battery. At a minimum, it should have power backup options.  

Code Capacity

Make sure your choice can accommodate the number of codes your family needs.

Keypad Usage Tips

It is essential to keep codes private and to routinely update the code as a security measure. In addition,

  • Keep spare batteries available.
  • Keep the keypad clean to avoid it malfunctioning.
  • Consult the manufacturer for steps if you need to reset the lock’s codes.

Keypad locks offer a convenient and secure way to manage home access. For additional information regarding ways to protect your home and family, contact the Rob Hill Insurance Group serving the Atlanta, GA metroplex.

Tips to prepare your house for a storm

The storm season is here in the Atlanta GA area, and it’s essential to be prepared. To make sure your house is ready for the worst Mother Nature can throw at it, follow these simple tips from us at Rob Hill Insurance Group. 

Tips to prepare your house for a storm

1. Trim trees and shrubs

Ensure all foliage surrounding your property is trimmed back so branches won’t break off during a storm and cause damage to your home or nearby structures. Make sure you’re staying within your local municipality’s safety regulations when trimming back vegetation on your property.

2. Check and maintain seals around windows and doors

If there are any gaps or weak spots in the seal around windows and doors, they should be filled with caulk to prevent water from entering your home during a storm.

3. Secure outdoor furniture and items

Anything that could potentially become airborne during a strong wind gust, like lawn chairs or planters, should be tied down or stored away so they don’t fly into other structures or cause injury to someone nearby. 

4. Clean out gutters and downspouts of debris

Debris in gutters can stop water from properly flowing away from the house and lead to flooding, so clear out dirt, leaves, and other objects from gutters before a storm hits to avoid any potential issues. 

5. Have an emergency kit handy

Every household should have an emergency kit readily available just in case of power outages or other disruptions caused by storms – items such as flashlights, non-perishable food items, first aid supplies, and batteries should all be included in the kit so you’ll have what you need if things take a turn for the worse! 

Reach Out To Us

For more tips, give us at Rob Hill Insurance Group a call. We are proud to serve the Atlanta, GA area.

How to Prepare Your Home For Rainy Spring Weather

Winter is coming to an end, and spring is quickly approaching. Now is the ideal time to complete tasks around your home to repair any damage caused by winter weather and to help prepare your home for the rain that comes along with the spring season. Here at Rob Hill Insurance Group, providing insurance products in the greater Atlanta, GA area, we want to help you maintain and care for your home.

Here are a few different things you should do to get your home ready for spring:

Have Your Roof Inspected

One of the best things you can do to prepare your home for rainy weather is to have your roof inspected. If your roof has sustained any damage, water can seep in and cause a leak in your home. This can lead to massive problems. Having your roof inspected by a professional helps to prevent this problem. 

Clean Your Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

Another way to prepare your home for rainy spring weather is to have your concrete and asphalt surfaces pressure washed. When it rains, concrete driveways or asphalt walkways can become slippery, especially if any auto fluids leaked onto them or if algae, moss, or mildew are growing on them. Having them cleaned helps to prevent slip and fall incidents from occurring on your property. 

Repair Any Damage to Your Home’s Siding

Lastly, you should always examine the siding on your home and repair any damage that may be present. Just like with your roof, water from rain can seep through damaged siding. This can damage your building materials and electrical wiring. 

Reach Out To Us

Properly caring for and maintaining your home helps to minimize damage to your home and protect the value of your home. Having the right home insurance can also help to protect the investment you have made in your home. If you are searching for a new home insurance policy, let the team at Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving the Atlanta, GA region, help you. Call us now. 

How to Keep Your Concrete Surfaces Free of Debris to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

One of the things that home insurance does is help to cover you in case someone is injured on your property and files a personal injury case against you. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the chances of it happening. Here at Rob Hill Insurance Group, providing home insurance in the greater Atlanta, GA area, we want to provide you with tips that can help you keep your concrete surfaces free of debris to help prevent slip and fall accidents.

Keep reading to learn more about these tips:

Get Your Trees Trimmed Regularly

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of debris on your concrete surfaces is to regularly have your trees trimmed. This helps to minimize leaves, sticks, and other debris that can become a tripping hazard. 

Take the Time to Sweep Away Debris

Another thing that you should do is to take the time to regularly sweep debris from your concrete surfaces. Use a push broom to remove leaves, rocks, and other hazards that may make your walkways and surfaces unsafe. 

Inspect Your Concrete Surfaces

Finally, take the time to inspect your concrete surfaces at least once a month. If you see algae growing, remove the algae to prevent someone from slipping. If you notice your concrete is raised, hire a concrete professional to level out your concrete to prevent someone from tripping. 

Contact Us Today

Your concrete surfaces, such as walkways, driveways, and patios, can be a trip-and-fall hazard, but there are things you can do to help keep your concrete surfaces safe. If the unexpected does happen, you want to have the right home insurance policy to cover you. Here at Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving the greater Atlanta, GA area, our team can help you with all of your home insurance needs. Reach out to us to get started. 

Protecting your home while you are away

Sometimes you just need to be away from home. Whether for work or for pleasure, it doesn’t matter. While you are away, your home will be alone and that is never a good thing. At Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA we count on word of mouth to get new customers and by giving our customers exceptional personalized service, we know that they will tell their friends and family about us. 

Protecting your home while you are away

Get a house sitter

The best thing to do when you are going to be away is to have a house sitter. That isn’t always possible, but if you can find someone, it’s a great way to keep your home safe. 

Leave a car in your driveway

When a car is in your driveway, it gives the impression that someone is at home. Sometimes that alone will be enough to discourage anyone who might be considering breaking into your home. 

Have lights on timers

Buy several timers and set lamps to go on and off in different rooms of your home. This makes it seem as if someone is at the home. 

Stop your mail

You can go right onto the United States Post Office website and request that your mail be held. Always do it at least one day in advance to make sure they actually stop it. 

Don’t announce your plans on social media

Don’t talk about being away on social media. You never know who might see the information and what they might do with it. 

Set your alarm

The last thing to do before you leave is to arm your alarm. It might seem obvious but in the chaos of departure, it can be forgotten. 

Give Us A Call

Contact Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA when you need a home policy review or have questions. We will provide a free no-obligation quote. 

Home Security Tips Every Homeowner Should Implement

About every 15 seconds, there is a home being burglarized in the United States. Half a million of them happen during the day due to minor mistakes like leaving the door open or not reinforcing the locks. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can keep your Atlanta, GA home safe and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Rob Hill Insurance Group also recommends purchasing home insurance to help replace the stolen items in case of a burglary.

Here are a few tips every homeowner should implement:

Secure the Doors and Windows

A survey by Nationwide Insurance showed that most burglars enter houses through open doors and windows. Over 25% of the respondents admitted to leaving doors unlocked when they were not at home in the survey. It’s important to inspect all your doors and windows to ensure they are strong and the hinges are protected.

Invest in Smart Security Systems

Today’s market offers many smart security systems that can provide your home with solid protection in Atlanta GA. You can go for DIY systems or get professional monitoring and home automation. You can install smart cameras, bulbs, and alarm systems that notify you when someone tries to break into your home from wherever you are.

Light Up Your Home

Some burglars prefer to strike and take advantage of poorly lit homes. If you have a big backyard, you may want to invest heavily in lighting to keep your outdoor space well-lit at night.  Lighting up your home not only keeps intruders away but also prevents accidents when walking around.

Get Rid of Bushes

Overgrown trees and shrubs make great hiding places for intruders. Trim down larger trees that could be used for cover, particularly behind your home. Go for smaller bushes and flowers. If you have trees or flowers touching your windows, remove them or reinforce the windows with extra security.

Don’t forget to get enough home insurance to protect your family and property. Feel free to contact Rob Hill insurance Group in Atlanta, GA to learn more about the policy, get quotes, and be informed about other policies.

First-Time Homebuyer? What You Need To Know About Homeowner’s Insurance

You’re not necessarily legally required to have homeowner’s insurance when you purchase a house, but if you have a mortgage, you’ll need it. Here, we’ll take a look at what you need to know about purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy as a first-time buyer. 

Consider Your Credit Score. 

If you’ve recently worked to pre-qualify for a mortgage, it’s likely that you’re already aware of your credit situation. A higher credit score could mean lower insurance premiums, so keep paying your bills on time and time twice before making any large purchases in addition to the purchase of your new home. 

Review Your Policy. 

It can be tempting to choose the cheapest policy, but you’ll want to take a close look at everything your policy includes before you agree to make an insurance purchase. Talk with your insurance agent about how to file a claim, whether you have a deductible and the ins and outs of your coverage. 

Think About Disaster-Proofing. 

Taking measures to make it less likely that your home will be affected by a disaster may lower your insurance premiums. Talk with your agent about upgrades you can make to the new home that may help you get a better deal on your insurance policy.

Ready To Buy A Home? Reach Out To Rob Hill Insurance Group, Serving Atlanta, GA, To Discuss Your Options

If you’re preparing to buy a home for the first time, congratulations! Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving Atlanta, GA, is proud to work with you to help you learn more about your homeowner’s insurance options. Reach out or stop in today to learn more.