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What To Do After a Car Accident

Millions of car accidents occur each year. Sadly, people often end up injured or even killed. Taking the right steps after an accident is crucial and could save lives. Auto insurance could prove essential, but there are also some steps you need to take right after an accident. Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving the greater Atlanta, GA area, is here to assist with all related concerns. 

Take These Steps After an Accident

First, it’s wise to call 911 immediately. If someone in your vehicle or another vehicle is injured, seconds count. The quicker emergency medical providers are contacted, the quicker they’ll arrive.

After alerting authorities, check for any injuries. Start by examining your own body, looking for bleeding or broken bones. After checking yourself over, check on passengers. Besides looking for obvious signs of an injury (e.g. blood), ask if they are in pain. If you have a first aid kit in your vehicle, now is the time to bust it out.

Typically, it’s best to wait for authorities to arrive before moving anyone who’s been injured. If someone is hurt, moving them could exacerbate injuries. If you’re in good shape and are not noticing any injuries, you may want to check on the other vehicle and also let them know that help is on the way.

If you have reflectors or road flares, it’s best to deploy them, especially at night. This way, other drivers will see the accident scene and will hopefully avoid it. Emergency responders may also have an easier time finding you.

When to Contact Your Insurance Company

After contacting authorities and checking for injuries and hazards, it’s smart to contact your auto insurance provider. This provider can offer tips and let you know what type of paperwork you may need to obtain from the police.

The right steps after an accident could reduce the risk of getting sued or being blamed for the accident.

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