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Four common myths about life insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance that you really need to have if you want to protect your family financially. At Rob Hill Insurance Group, we sell life insurance policies to consumers who are located in Atlanta, GA. 

Here are four common myths about life insurance that you should be aware of.

Being aware of these myths can help you to make the right choices about life insurance:

Those who are healthy and young don’t need life insurance

Even healthy young people can die unexpectedly, leaving their dependents in a difficult financial situation. Neglecting to purchase life insurance because you think you don’t need it thanks to your health could turn out to be a big mistake. 

Those who don’t have a family don’t need life insurance

Life insurance isn’t just for protecting your dependents financially. Life insurance is also important for covering your end-of-life expenses. 

Even if you don’t have any dependents, it’s still a good idea to purchase life insurance so that your family can use funds from your policy to cover your funeral and burial costs if you pass away. 

You have to die for anyone to benefit from your life insurance policy

Certain types of life insurance like whole life insurance have a savings component that assist you with financial planning. These policies may allow you to borrow against your policy’s value. Such policies benefit you even while you’re still alive. 

Getting life insurance is complicated.

You’ll be surprised by how simple it is to purchase life insurance. You shouldn’t be discouraged from buying life insurance because you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of this financial product. 

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