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Common Auto Insurance Exclusions

Your car insurance is a powerful investment, but it doesn’t cover all possible risks. And just as it is good to know what your car insurance covers, it’s equally important to understand what it doesn’t cover. This makes your claim filing process easier and helps you understand add-ons you can consider for your car insurance.

Want to find out what’s not covered by your car insurance? Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA can help you navigate this important coverage. 

Here are some common car insurance exclusions:

Excluded driver

Your insurance company could add this clause to your policy if you live with a high-risk driver. Accidents caused by excluded drivers are unlikely to be covered.

Intentional acts

Another reason why your insurer will wave away your claim is if you intentionally cause harm to someone or damage someone’s property, your car insurance won’t cover the loss. For such losses, you will have to cover them from your pocket.

Mechanical breakdown

If your vehicle breaks down because of maintenance issues, don’t expect your insurer to pay for repairs. So if your transmission or engine misbehaves, be ready to cover the repairs from your pocket.

Special events

If you use your car in race or stunt events, your standard car insurance will likely void claims resulting from these events. However, you can purchase special coverage to cover you at such events.

Catastrophe exclusions

Extreme natural disasters like earthquakes and floods are typically excluded from your car insurance, although it differs between policies and insurance companies. Always read the fine print of your policy or consult with your insurance agent to know what is covered or excluded from your policy.

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