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How Whole Life Insurance Works

If you don’t have life insurance yet, it’s time to get it. Life insurance is an important way that you can help those around you after you’re gone. When you have people who depend on you, it’s always necessary to have life insurance. There are two main types of this insurance- whole life and term life. Term life is active for a specific amount of time, and then it expires. Whole life doesn’t work that way. It’s a solid type of insurance that can mean a lot to those you leave behind. When you need life insurance, call us at Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA to find out more. 

Good for Life

Unlike a term policy, a whole life policy doesn’t expire. It will go on for the rest of your life as long as you continue making your premium payments. If you keep paying them, the insurance company can’t cancel your policy. It will be there even if you reach an advanced age. Because these policies cover policyholders into their senior years, this type of policy is more expensive, but many find the peace of mind worth the extra premium costs. 

Cash Value

If you should ever run into a financial emergency where would you turn? If you have a whole life insurance policy, you can turn to the policy. The policy will build up value over time. This becomes an amount that you can borrow against if you have an emergency and need the cash. It takes a few years for this cash value to build into a helpful fund, but it will only keep growing over time. 

Get Life Insurance 

If you’re interested in a whole life policy, call us at Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA to get started with a policy of your own. 

A Short Guide to Keypad Locks for your Home

A keypad lock offers both modern and convenient home security enhancements. Our team of experts at Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA offers this short guidance with regard to these modern home security options:

Keypad Locks Benefits

A digital keypad lock means you no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of fumbling for keys or worrying about lost keys. It also provides these benefits:

Enhanced Security

Keypad locks can be more difficult to pick when compared to more traditional lock options.  

Temporary Access

Certain keypad models allow temporary codes that can be given to service people or guests.


Some models have the capacity to integrate with an existing smart home system, so you can use it to monitor and lock/unlock remotely by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Choosing the Right Keypad Lock

It is important to select a keypad lock that is easy to use, has a built-in alarm, and is tamper-resistant. In addition, consider the following:


Select an outdoor model if installed for outdoor purposes.  

Battery Life

The keypad should preferably have a long-lasting battery. At a minimum, it should have power backup options.  

Code Capacity

Make sure your choice can accommodate the number of codes your family needs.

Keypad Usage Tips

It is essential to keep codes private and to routinely update the code as a security measure. In addition,

  • Keep spare batteries available.
  • Keep the keypad clean to avoid it malfunctioning.
  • Consult the manufacturer for steps if you need to reset the lock’s codes.

Keypad locks offer a convenient and secure way to manage home access. For additional information regarding ways to protect your home and family, contact the Rob Hill Insurance Group serving the Atlanta, GA metroplex.

How to Prepare a Teen Driver For Wet or Icy Winter Weather

At Rob Hill Insurance Group, providing auto insurance policies to residents in the greater Atlanta, GA area, we want to help individuals stay as safe as possible when they are out on the roadways. New teenage drivers are already more susceptible to accidents simply due to their inexperience while driving, but that risk increases when roads are wet or icy.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare a teen driver for wet or icy winter weather:

Education and Practice

Start by educating your teen about the hazards and challenges of driving in wet or icy conditions. Discuss topics such as reduced traction, longer braking distances, and the importance of maintaining a safe following distance. Encourage them to practice driving in adverse weather conditions under your supervision before they face them alone.

Vehicle Maintenance

 Teach your teen about the significance of proper vehicle maintenance. Ensure that the car’s tires are in good condition and properly inflated, as tires play a critical role in maintaining traction on wet or icy surfaces. Also, emphasize the importance of checking the windshield wipers, defrosters, headlights, and brake lights to ensure optimal visibility and functionality.

Slow and Steady

Advise your teen to adjust their driving style to the conditions. Encourage them to drive slower than usual, allowing for increased stopping distances and better control of the vehicle. Emphasize the importance of smooth and gentle inputs when steering, accelerating, and braking to avoid skids or loss of control.

Keep Your Insurance Updated

Having the right insurance is important, as you cannot prevent all accidents from happening. If you are looking for a new insurance policy in the greater Atlanta, GA area, Rob Hill Insurance Group would love to help you. Call us now to get started. 

Why Life Insurance For Business Owners Is Vital

Safeguarding your business’s future is crucial to keeping your business running. Unexpected events can have a significant impact on a business’s stability. Life insurance plays a vital role in protecting your business’s assets. With our help at Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving the greater Atlanta, GA community, you can create a policy that aligns with your business’s obligations.  

Protecting Your Business’s Financial Future With Life Insurance

Business owners and entrepreneurs face multiple financial risks, and losing a key business partner or employee can leave a business vulnerable. Life insurance is a unique tool that helps manage a business’s financial stake in these challenges. Life insurance provides liquidity during challenging times to ensure your company has the funds to cover immediate expenses and maintain stability.

With proper protection, a company may be able to handle financial obligations, repay debts, or support operations. 

Suppose it causes a significant impact on a business, such as a death of a key employee or business partner. In that case, life insurance can cover financial obligations, repay debts, and facilitate business continuity. Life insurance can also provide funds to fill gaps left by the business partner or employee’s absence. 

When considering a life insurance policy for your business, carefully evaluate coverage options based on your business’s needs, including financial obligations and losing a key employee or partner—factors to consider are business debts, ongoing expenses, and the need for buy-sell agreements. Reviewing your policy is essential to ensure adequate coverage as your business evolves. 

We Are Here To Help

Safeguarding a business’s financial future is essential. Life insurance plays a vital role in protecting a business in unexpected situations. With our expertise at Rob Hill Insurance Group, you can make informed decisions about your business’s coverage options in Atlanta, GA. Don’t risk your business’s future—take proactive steps today to secure its stability with life insurance. 

Tips to prepare your house for a storm

The storm season is here in the Atlanta GA area, and it’s essential to be prepared. To make sure your house is ready for the worst Mother Nature can throw at it, follow these simple tips from us at Rob Hill Insurance Group. 

Tips to prepare your house for a storm

1. Trim trees and shrubs

Ensure all foliage surrounding your property is trimmed back so branches won’t break off during a storm and cause damage to your home or nearby structures. Make sure you’re staying within your local municipality’s safety regulations when trimming back vegetation on your property.

2. Check and maintain seals around windows and doors

If there are any gaps or weak spots in the seal around windows and doors, they should be filled with caulk to prevent water from entering your home during a storm.

3. Secure outdoor furniture and items

Anything that could potentially become airborne during a strong wind gust, like lawn chairs or planters, should be tied down or stored away so they don’t fly into other structures or cause injury to someone nearby. 

4. Clean out gutters and downspouts of debris

Debris in gutters can stop water from properly flowing away from the house and lead to flooding, so clear out dirt, leaves, and other objects from gutters before a storm hits to avoid any potential issues. 

5. Have an emergency kit handy

Every household should have an emergency kit readily available just in case of power outages or other disruptions caused by storms – items such as flashlights, non-perishable food items, first aid supplies, and batteries should all be included in the kit so you’ll have what you need if things take a turn for the worse! 

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For more tips, give us at Rob Hill Insurance Group a call. We are proud to serve the Atlanta, GA area.

Things to Consider When Buying Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required in Georgia. However, there are some things to consider when choosing the right policy for your needs. At Rob Hill Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA, we work with our clients to provide the best policy for them. 

Choosing the Right Types of Coverage 

Liability insurance is required for all vehicles in Georgia. However, you may also be required to have full coverage insurance if you have a lien on your car. 

Even if you aren’t required to have a full coverage policy, it can be a good idea. Can you afford to replace your vehicle if it’s totaled in an accident? If the answer is no, consider a full-coverage auto policy. 

You may also need gap coverage if you have a newer vehicle. Gap coverage will cover the difference between the lien on your vehicle and the value the insurance company will pay for the vehicle if it’s totaled. 

Choosing the Right Amount of Coverage

In addition to the right types of coverage, you need the right amount of coverage. Georgia requires you to have $25,000 in bodily injury liability and $25,000 in property damage liability. 

However, insurance experts typically recommend that you have $300,000 in bodily injury liability and $100,000 in property damage liability. 

You’ll need to consider how much car insurance you can afford, as well as the assets that you want to protect. Keep in mind that wages can be garnished if there’s a settlement against you that is more than your insurance coverage limits. 

If you have comprehensive coverage, make sure that your collision policy will cover the value of your vehicle. 

We Would Love To Help!

If you need auto insurance in Atlanta, GA, contact us at Rob Hill Insurance Group. Our friendly agents will help you select the right policy for you. 

Four common myths about life insurance

Life insurance is a type of insurance that you really need to have if you want to protect your family financially. At Rob Hill Insurance Group, we sell life insurance policies to consumers who are located in Atlanta, GA. 

Here are four common myths about life insurance that you should be aware of.

Being aware of these myths can help you to make the right choices about life insurance:

Those who are healthy and young don’t need life insurance

Even healthy young people can die unexpectedly, leaving their dependents in a difficult financial situation. Neglecting to purchase life insurance because you think you don’t need it thanks to your health could turn out to be a big mistake. 

Those who don’t have a family don’t need life insurance

Life insurance isn’t just for protecting your dependents financially. Life insurance is also important for covering your end-of-life expenses. 

Even if you don’t have any dependents, it’s still a good idea to purchase life insurance so that your family can use funds from your policy to cover your funeral and burial costs if you pass away. 

You have to die for anyone to benefit from your life insurance policy

Certain types of life insurance like whole life insurance have a savings component that assist you with financial planning. These policies may allow you to borrow against your policy’s value. Such policies benefit you even while you’re still alive. 

Getting life insurance is complicated.

You’ll be surprised by how simple it is to purchase life insurance. You shouldn’t be discouraged from buying life insurance because you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of this financial product. 

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Are you in the market for life insurance in Atlanta, GA? We’re here to help. Call us at Rob Hill Insurance Group today so that you can learn about our policies and get a life insurance policy quote. 

How to Prepare Your Home For Rainy Spring Weather

Winter is coming to an end, and spring is quickly approaching. Now is the ideal time to complete tasks around your home to repair any damage caused by winter weather and to help prepare your home for the rain that comes along with the spring season. Here at Rob Hill Insurance Group, providing insurance products in the greater Atlanta, GA area, we want to help you maintain and care for your home.

Here are a few different things you should do to get your home ready for spring:

Have Your Roof Inspected

One of the best things you can do to prepare your home for rainy weather is to have your roof inspected. If your roof has sustained any damage, water can seep in and cause a leak in your home. This can lead to massive problems. Having your roof inspected by a professional helps to prevent this problem. 

Clean Your Concrete and Asphalt Surfaces

Another way to prepare your home for rainy spring weather is to have your concrete and asphalt surfaces pressure washed. When it rains, concrete driveways or asphalt walkways can become slippery, especially if any auto fluids leaked onto them or if algae, moss, or mildew are growing on them. Having them cleaned helps to prevent slip and fall incidents from occurring on your property. 

Repair Any Damage to Your Home’s Siding

Lastly, you should always examine the siding on your home and repair any damage that may be present. Just like with your roof, water from rain can seep through damaged siding. This can damage your building materials and electrical wiring. 

Reach Out To Us

Properly caring for and maintaining your home helps to minimize damage to your home and protect the value of your home. Having the right home insurance can also help to protect the investment you have made in your home. If you are searching for a new home insurance policy, let the team at Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving the Atlanta, GA region, help you. Call us now. 

What To Do After a Car Accident

Millions of car accidents occur each year. Sadly, people often end up injured or even killed. Taking the right steps after an accident is crucial and could save lives. Auto insurance could prove essential, but there are also some steps you need to take right after an accident. Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving the greater Atlanta, GA area, is here to assist with all related concerns. 

Take These Steps After an Accident

First, it’s wise to call 911 immediately. If someone in your vehicle or another vehicle is injured, seconds count. The quicker emergency medical providers are contacted, the quicker they’ll arrive.

After alerting authorities, check for any injuries. Start by examining your own body, looking for bleeding or broken bones. After checking yourself over, check on passengers. Besides looking for obvious signs of an injury (e.g. blood), ask if they are in pain. If you have a first aid kit in your vehicle, now is the time to bust it out.

Typically, it’s best to wait for authorities to arrive before moving anyone who’s been injured. If someone is hurt, moving them could exacerbate injuries. If you’re in good shape and are not noticing any injuries, you may want to check on the other vehicle and also let them know that help is on the way.

If you have reflectors or road flares, it’s best to deploy them, especially at night. This way, other drivers will see the accident scene and will hopefully avoid it. Emergency responders may also have an easier time finding you.

When to Contact Your Insurance Company

After contacting authorities and checking for injuries and hazards, it’s smart to contact your auto insurance provider. This provider can offer tips and let you know what type of paperwork you may need to obtain from the police.

The right steps after an accident could reduce the risk of getting sued or being blamed for the accident.

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Contact the Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving Atlanta, GA and beyond, to discuss insurance coverage options for your vehicles.

Three things you might not be aware of when it comes to life insurance

Being informed about life insurance is important. The more informed you are, the better your decisions for yourself and your family will be when it comes to choosing the right life insurance policy. Rob Hill Insurance Group, serving the greater Atlanta, GA is happy to help build your awareness around this vital coverage. 

The following are three things that you might not yet be aware of when it comes to life insurance:

You can borrow against the value of some types of life insurance policy

Cash loans are one possible feature of certain whole or universal life insurance policies. If your life insurance policy has a cash value component, you may be able to withdraw funds from your policy. This really comes in handy when you have some extra expenses that come up. 

A policyholder may be expected to repay money that is borrowed from his or her policy. Alternatively, the borrowed funds can simply be taken out of the death benefit of the policy if the policyholder passes away. 

You may be able to take out life insurance without a medical exam

Many life insurance providers require customers to take a  medical exam before they can take out a policy. However, medical exams are not always necessary. 

If you are worried that you will be refused life insurance coverage because of a medical condition, you should look into the possibility of taking out a no-medical exam life insurance policy. 

The beneficiaries of a life insurance policy don’t have to pay taxes on a death benefit

Beneficiaries on a life insurance policy receive the death benefit amount if the policyholder passes away. Fortunately, beneficiaries don’t need to pay any taxes on the death benefit. Beneficiaries can use the full death benefit amount for any expenses that they choose. 

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Get in touch with us at Rob Hill Insurance Group if you have questions about life insurance. We can offer life insurance policy quotes to consumers in Atlanta, GA. Call or email us to learn more.